We are a social group for polyamorous people in Bristol, the southwest and south Wales. We also have members from all over the UK including the midlands, London, west Wales, and Newcastle. People in other areas are welcome too. There are other regional poly groups in Southhampton, Devon, London, Manchester, Oxford, and Birmingham, with more groups starting all the time!

All are welcome, from people curious about polyamory who have never practiced it to people who have been practicing it for decades. All types of ethical non-monogamy are accepted as long as honesty, fairness, and equality are key.

We strive to be a safer space. The few people we don't welcome are those who are solely interested in cruising for people to have sex with, people who are not tolerant of LGBT+ sexualities, genders, and identities, and people who are interested in any type of non-monogamy where only one gender is free to have other partners (i.e. polygamy).

Consent is extremely important. We are primarily a social and support group but as we run numerous events where people have a great time, connections do happen. As a safer space group, we promote consent culture and want everyone to feel comfortable. Please see our consent rules in the Links section before joining.

The group is organised via a Facebook group and events are set up by members and a team of voluntary admins representing multiple sexualities and genders.

We have been going since August 2014 and have almost 700 members now! Please see the Events and Contact pages for more info and if you are interested in joining!



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