To protect the privacy of people in the group, we won't list events publicly here, but please see the contact page if you'd like to join the group and come along :)

As the group has grown we have gone from holding a regular monthly meet with 20 to 30 people to hosting various types of events almost every week and a monthly meet which can have up to 80 people attending.

We have regular or semi-regular board games evenings, quieter coffee socials, poly parents meets and child-friendly events to museums and parks, walking group outings to beautiful locations around Wales and the southwest, camping trips, poly house parties, dinner parties and picnics, club nights, burlesque gigs, laser tag and arcade game nights, and supportive talking groups on various subjects like jealousy, transgender issues, and safe sex. We host regular monthly meets in Bristol and sometimes in Cardiff and other cities. These meets are usually in a park when the weather is good, or a large pub or a privately booked club when it's not, and after the meets people often go out clubbing. Once a year in August we celebrate the group's birthday by putting on a fabulous cabaret show with performances from our members.

We try to ensure that events and venues are as accessible as possible to those with mobility needs and social anxiety. We try to use venues that can provide us either with exclusive space or enough space so we can have plenty of privacy.

We have a wealth of amazing diverse members who are welcomed and supported in running their own events for the group. ​As is often the case with the poly community, there is an overlap with the kink community and there are usually some poly group people at kink events and people who are members of both communities.